25th June - 4th July

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100 Marathon Club, why you should run your 100th, 200th....1000th with us



Past & upcoming Centurians at GBC

OK runners, we know how obsessed you are with getting as many runs under your belt to reach 100, 200...700...1200 marathons and join the infamous 100 marahon club.


We also know that hitting that milestone and getting the t-shirt is a big day. For an organiser it is an honour to have you choose our event to achieve that milestone and celebrate.


So going forward, if you want to hit ANY century achievement and want to celebrate at the GBC we will give you that day's run for free on us. All you need to do is put it on the 100 mara club website (so we can check with them) and then email us.


Please spread the word amongst your running friends.


The GBC Management.

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