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GBC ROUTE MAPS - 2018 Spring All Road Quad

At every step we are there for our runners and walkers; striving to make the event as enjoyable as we can. Part of the fun for events of this nature can be the navigation, here we provide clear, concise and detailed route maps to everyone taking part.  Less stress, more focus, more fun!    Click to see and download our new instructions, and GPS traces. 

Marathon Courses


Day 1 (29th March & 1st April 2018) - Kirtling

Endomondo -

Garmin -

GPX file - GBC6_Road 1.gpx

Garmin CRS file -

Instructions - Great Barrow Challenge Orange run - road 1 - 26.2 mile.pdf


Day 2 (30th March& 2nd April 2018) - Clover

Endomondo -

Garmin -

GPX file - GBC7_Road 2.gpx

Garmin CRS file - GBC7_Road

Instructions - Great Barrow Challenge Pink run - road 2 - 26.2 mile.pdf