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Run Injury Free - A Workshop


Saturday 30th March 10am - 2pm
A 2 part practical workshop for £35
Part one-
learn efficient techniques for running on even ground, uphill and downhill
use drills to focus on skill improvement meaning less energy is used and faster times
try the techniques out on the day and draw comparisons to prove it works
Part two -
common injuries runners obtain
how and why they occur
how to reduce the risk of injury while training to the best of your potential
This is a hands on workshop, you will actively be taking part.
You will be able to  perform and feel the difference. It is designed to empower you to be the best runner you can be. It will not teach you to teach. The advantage of this is that you can be a runner of any distance, it will help you build your own training program.

Purchase lunch of a jacket potato with salad - order in advance. Choose and pay for any additional toppings on the day.  Or bring your own lunch.
Tea will be complimentary.  Fresh ground coffee is £1.  Cold drinks available to purchase.

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