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GBC Management Team

Glen Moulds

Founder of GBC,

GBC Managing Director,

GBC Suffolk Race Director


Glen literally is "the GBC", and leads the GBC Management Team and Directs the Suffolk races.


Read about the origins of the GBC by clicking the link to read Glen's full story.

Julie Moulds

GBC Suffolk Event Control Manager


Julie's looked after the admin since the GBC started, has run the Event Control Team, and provided the catering for many years.  With GBC growing and going into multi seasons Julie has passed over some of these tasks as she can't do it all, but is still heavily involved in the management team and hosting of the GBC events.

Nick Collins

GBC National Course Director


Nick joined the team in 2014, starting with computerising event regestration, timings and results.  Over next 10 months Nick work with Glen plotting new course routes, creating GPX formats and the new instruction route guides along with putting event signage out the night before each event, and co-Directing the events.

GBC Support


Adam Holland

GBC Ambassador,


Winner of all 3 GBC 10 in 10's, holder of all marathon and ultra course records (all marathon records sub 3hrs), never beaten over 33 GBC runs. Invited in 2014 to be a GBC Ambassador.

Annika Arnold

GBC Suffolk Checkpoint Manager


Annika joined the suffolk academy as gym manager in 2017, and now joins the GBC team in Summer as the new Checkpoint Manger.


Annika will also be taking some other duties after the summer 10in10, but for now will be making sure our runners are catered for on course.

Julie Type 9 Type 9


Checkpoint stock control


Look after all the stock for the bar and checkpoints

Sara Nunn

GBC Suffolk Event Controller


Sara joined the team in December 2015, taking on the Event Control Operations from Julie, and now is a firm fixture at Registration and Finishline.

Glen Nick

Garry & Jake

Site Control


Look after all the facilities on site.

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