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HALL of FAME 2011

By Steve Warren, Sep 22 2014 09:53AM

HALL of FAME 2011.

In 2011 the GBC incorporated walking, cycling and running disciplines with some 84 contestants finishing. The following are the names of the 91 people who completed the full 4 day challenge in 2011.


Melissa Spencer + 2009 & 2010

Ben Dominey + 2009 & 2010

Jenny Brookes + 2009 & 2010

Stephen Brookes + 2009 & 2010

Dave Carter + 2009 & 2010

Gary Pinyoun + 2009 & 2010

George Buxton (Oldest walker at 71) + 2010

Connor Gilyatt (Youngest walker at 15) +2010

Andy Walls + 2010

Dave Bullock + 2010

Geoff Bullock + 2010

Joyce Crawford + 2010

Timothy Wyer + 2010

Nigel Young + 2010

David Harrison + 2010

Jane Parry + 2010

Richard Royal

Graeme Clarke

Travis Wilcox

Thomas Welfare

Sue Fuller

Alfred Massiah

Zoe Stockdale

Sorrin Ruffell

Mariya Marinova

Rupen Patel

Andy Wilmot

Mac Robertson

Kim Watts

Steve Strange

Sam Robertson

Ross Collison


Kaja Kosla (Youngest runner aged 22)

Raymond Keevil (Oldest runner aged 68)

Lesley Parry

Sean Gregg

Andy Wilmot

Lucy Collyer

Benjamin Letzer

Alan Bushell

Tony Conway

Rik Vercoe

Christina Walker

Charles Hare

Dave Robson

Mandy Bunn

Ian Ling

Glenn Bowers

Dave Spooner

Rob Bishop

David Edwards

Simon Redfern

Ian Culton

Peter Stockdale

Felix Loy

Nathan Foster

Stephen Isherwood

Ricky Lee

Paul Barton

Jonny Kempster

Stephen Boyles

James Fletcher

Peter Lynegar

Jody Raynsford

Dave Starie

Paul Shattock

Elizabeth Tunna

Simon Illingworth


Rod Price

David Sapsford

Jon Cooper

Allan Hinton (First to do challenge on mountain bike!)

Heather Mackay

Matthew Shotbolt (Youngest cyclist aged 26)

Simon Hammond

Trevor Child

Mark Bailey

Julian Claxton

Darrel Glover

Peter Mahon

Lee Cheung (Played in live band on the Saturday night!)

John Goldie

Peter Gay (Oldest cyclist aged 69)

Simon Palmer

Bruce Dunbar

COMBINATION of above (7)

James Heath

Nicky Brinkmann

Heather Coates

Peter Melvin

Andrew McLaren

Antony Money

Dominic Longhurst (First person to row the challenge)

Apr 25 2018 01:59PM by Antony Money

Hi, I'm putting my 100 club list together and was wondering if you have the results sheet for the Winter Barrow 2011, I ran a single marathon on the 27th.

Secondly, I plan to do the 2019 10 in 10 with the last day also being my 100th marathon, any chance of reserving the number 100 for the event ?


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