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On Sunday 1st July 2018 we are putting on again the Team Relay Challenge - sponsored by Steven Eagell Toyota  


Teams of 4 will compete over the same course as the 10in10 runners, but running a quarter of the distance each.


Runner 1.  Runs first 7 miles (90:10 road and trail).

Runner 2.  Runs second 5.9 miles (50:50 road and trail).

Runner 3. Runs second 6.0 miles (30:70 road and trail).

Runner 4.  Runs second 6.3 miles (80:20 road and trail).


Relay change over zones will be at our 1st checkpoint, about a mile on from our 2nd checkpoint (at the bottom of moulton hill) and at our 4th checkpoint. See map to right, or download full map from this link.


Open to Corportate Teams, The Forces, Running Cubs, Families, or Friends.  All runners recieve a medal, with the winning Team recieving the Toyota Team Relay Cup.


Early Bird entrance is £40 per team (up to £50 for on the day entrance).  Team Captain needs to sign up and fills out their own name upon registration.  We will then email the captain a link for submitting the details of the other runners.


Note: Runners will need to arrange getting to and being picked up from their start & finish points themselves, as no transfers are put on by the event organisers. Maximum distance from the Academy is 7 miles.


Click here to sign up.



Relay Map

2018 - The Toyota Team Relays

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